Updates and news

100% of all payments go to charity!

2011-09-13 15:56:14 GMT Top

Now 100% of all Glum Buster payments are transferred as charity to the Starlight Children’s Foundation!

Bundle up tight and snatch up the round 4 reward

2010-01-02 23:00:44 GMT Top

The round 4 charity goal reward has been posted. Grab this new desktop wallpaper and toss some firewood in the cooker. There’s nothing like snuggling up by the fireplace while chilling out in front of your computer display.

Christmas comes early - another charity goal has been eclipsed!

2009-12-17 03:40:46 GMT Top

That’s right, ring in the holidays starting… Now! Much gratitude to everyone who’s contributed thus far. We’ve trotted past another charity goal, so be on the lookout for a brand-spanking new desktop wallpaper reward in the very near future.

Round 3 is a wrap

2009-08-11 16:20:11 GMT Top

We’ve done it once again - another round has been wrapped up with much success. Thanks a ton to all those who contributed during round 3. Time for us all to dive head-first into round 4, with a charity factor of 70%, while I kick another massive contribution ($174.85) over to Starlight!

Get your mitts on the round 3 charity goal reward

2009-08-02 21:54:00 GMT Top

And yet again, all of you generous players have worked together to achieve another charity goal. The round 3 goal was topped a few days ago, and now your reward is ready for the taking. I can’t thank you enough. Go head, grab the new desktop wallpaper reward!

Charityware model modification

2009-07-25 20:19:05 GMT Top

Today I’ve decided to tweak the charityware payment model. The “Charity factor” now increases by 5% each round (instead of the previous 1% increase). This change won’t only be reflected as we move forward, because we’re dipping our toes into a time paradox to apply this change to the previous two rounds. This means the round 1 and 2 Charity factors were 55% and 60% (instead of 51% and 52%). It also means an additional $34.74 just went to Starlight for those two previous rounds. This change to the model will get us zipping toward a 99% Charity factor much, much quicker. Grin!

Round 3 charity goal has been achieved

2009-07-24 16:57:53 GMT Top

The bar has been hopped once again - we’ve reached the charity goal for round 3! Thanks a ton to all of you who’ve made payments this round. Be on the look out for your reward in the next few days.

Round 2 is complete

2009-07-24 16:56:41 GMT Top

Resulting from an incredible surge of generosity this morning, round 2 has come to a close. Good shot! Thanks a ton to everyone who made payments and also to everyone in general for playing the game. You’ll be glad to know that a healthy $156.26 is zipping it’s way over to the Starlight Children’s Foundation thanks to you all.

Glum Buster version 1.3 released

2009-05-31 20:37:58 GMT Top

Version 1.3 of Glum Buster is now available. This new version includes a handful of moderate updates that solve for various collision issues - namely, locations/objects in which the Buster could get stuck (requiring you to “Retell…” from the pause menu).

Snatch it up - round 2 charity goal reward desktop wallpaper is here

2009-05-30 19:41:59 GMT Top

A huge load of thanks once again to all those who’ve contributed so far. We’ve already surpassed the round 2 charity goal, and I’ve posted your reward. Also of note, all the desktop wallpapers now come in a 1680×1050 resolution option (thanks for alerting me to that standard format, Georg!).

Round 2 charity goal reached

2009-05-30 00:18:03 GMT Top

Shake your booties, friends! Today we have surpassed the $100.00 charity goal for round 2! A hearty thanks to every one who has contributed so far. Keep an eye out for a new Glum Buster desktop wallpaper reward. We’re also now at 17 of 25 payments for the round. Only 8 more payments before the round is complete and I kick off another contribution to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Glum Buster version 1.2 released

2009-05-09 15:08:29 GMT Top

Version 1.2 of Glum Buster is now available. This new version is a must-have for those who’s Windows OS is set to use commas (,) as decimal separators in numbers. The game will now save and load everything correctly. For those of you in this situation, if you’ve already started playing a game on an older version, the save game problem won’t be corrected if you try to use your current save game data (you’ll have to “tell a new tale”). I’m quite sorry about this. But, on the up-side, you can now properly collect masks and grins. Much thanks goes out to Aleksey ‘ortoslon’ Zubkov for all the time and effort he put into testing this fix.

However, for those who’s OS is set to use periods (.) as decimals, your current save game data will work fine with the new version of the game.

Along with the aforementioned critical bug fix, version 1.2 includes a number of minor bug fixes and cosmetic fixes. Please refer to the gbinfo.txt file included in the download for a complete list of changes in the new version.

In other exciting news, today we passed the halfway mark toward the round 2 charity value goal!

A known bug on PC’s that use commas as decimals

2009-05-08 03:48:05 GMT Top

It was discovered earlier this week that PC’s that use commas (,) as decimal separators in numbers will experience a number of save game-related bugs in Glum Buster. To name a few: some glum masks display corrupt graphics, some hidden grins and glum masks can be “re-discovered” and re-collected, various objects in the world display corrupt graphics.

These bugs will not prevent the game from being played all the way through. It will only cause some item collection issues and make a small number of levels unnaturally easy to play through.

You can be sure that a fix is on the way, though. My goal is to have an updated version, with a correction implemented (along with a handful of other very minor cosmetic tweaks), posted by the end of Sunday, May 10.

Many apologies to those who may experience these bugs. Please sit tight, a remedy is at hand.

Finally, feed yourself updates and news

2009-05-07 16:02:50 GMT Top

The site is now rigged to support RSS Feeds and Atom Feeds for tracking “Updates and news”.

May 3, 2009

Glum Buster version 1.1 released.

May 1, 2009 - round 1 complete

It has happened. We’ve completed round 1! Check the front of this web site to see the results. Let’s roll on to round 2 and increase the charity factor to 52%. Thanks a ton everybody - time to bounce the contribution over to the Starlight Children’s Foundation!

April 30, 2009

Let us dance a jig together! Today we passed the charity value goal for round 1! I can’t thank all of you enough. Please enjoy your reward.

April 29, 2009

To help speed up the rate at which the “charity factor” percentage increases, the “pay count” per round has been decreased from 100 to 25.

April 26, 2009

Glum Buster version 1.0 released.